Friday, December 30, 2005

Robert Deniro Sr. - the artist
They don't show to many works but it says there is an exhibition on Jan. 12, 05 at the Salander-O'Reilly gallery.
A Do Not Call List (prepare to laugh)
Not sure if you saw this trading places show..but this lady was hilarious! They kept showing repeats on the E! channel lol!
House building in Nevada timeline with photos
Large previews of beautiful photography..I am still clicking..I have to see all of it!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Listening to the Oceans 12 soundtrack and trying to fix some old work and make it look shiny and new again..
Want some Diet Dr Pepper?
ok check it out here..I'm still workin' on it..

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Some eye candy illustrations to peek at.. sure you feed the logo
his bone hehehe..

Before you go there..go here and scroll down to the book covers LOL!
- thebookbitches
I started trying to work out a well designed Beluga whale page because I had so many different I felt like adding other info...

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I haven't looked at this site in a few years..probably since 2000. I always can't resist clicking to see all of the illustrations...exploding dog.
I got this for Christmas and a fun game far the puppy is a few days old and I haven't killed that is a good thing. I just drank an iced almond latte..full of caffeine to keep me awake until 3am..eep!

I guess if I went to Japan my Nintendogs would be barking nonstop.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

A detailed pdf file on beluga tracking satellite in the Arctic Ocean. I love details!

Sept 01 article
Robert S Suydam, Lloyd F Lowry, Kathy J Frost,
Greg M O'Corry-Crowe and Danny Pikok Jr.
I spent a while looking at all the photos and past history about the Bronx. Check out some famous dead people at the Woodlawn Cemetary or see new images of the renovated Paradise Theater. Here is a photo of Edison Studios in 1912 with the actress being it girl! hahaha!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I decided to check out Careerbuilder..its been years since I have updated the resume there..just for the simple fact that it had "0" clicks in 8 years was a reason to not use their service. So off I go and Ernst & Young are looking for people..ok! I decide to send the ol resume..what do you know! I have to cut and paste and select and select and create a password..then it wouldn't take my password..for whatever reason.. then select not only my county (which isn't listed) and then my town and zip do not match so that doesn't work either...then you want me to one by one by one add my experience..with all the leetle tiny its 45 minutes of complete torture..its not working...I ditch. Sorry Ernst and Young..your nightmare of a site just SUCKS.
Took the city test. Which city do you belong in?
These were my results.

I drank a massive coffee with lots o caffeine. I should be up for hours! Anywhoo see that scrollbar on the right hand you can wear it around your neck.
Scrollbar scarf.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Somebody stole a baby penguin from a zoo...article here.

Imagine if we had error messages like this..

Wow beluga whale art.. Check out the

Monday, December 19, 2005

Get some road rage cards! Perfect for the holiday traffic.


My freelance will be ending at the end of January.
Merry Christmas I will be unemployed again
next month..hooray! :(

It is kind of like March of the Penguins when
he loses the egg feeling...

Friday, December 16, 2005

The Sonic Boom

I read some advice for a couple who were having problems waking up in the morning to go to the gym. A user wrote this comment which made me die of laughter.

Another option is to get a alarm that is just so damn loud that it
causes a shot of adrenaline when you hear it. I have a

Sonic Boom alarm clock. It's alarm goes as loud as 113 dB
(120dB is the onset of pain) and it also flashes the lights
and vibrates your pillow. I have it hooked up to a 60-Watt
strobe light (for a strobe, 60 Watts is a *lot*) The first time
I woke up with my head vibrating, a 113 dB siren and the
lights flashing.... Well, it sure puts the "alarm" back into
"alarm clock". However this probably isn't an option if you
live in an apt or have other people in the house you
don't want to wake.

posted by darkness at 10:53 AM PST

Ok I had to make a desktop for Christmas..
this photo was so funny I made it available
for here.

size= 1280x1024

If you don't know what and "@" or a "." is by now then I just feel sad for you...

Snack Machine

I should have known better not to go and get a snack..but ohhhh no!!!...The snack gods were against me and my sunchips landed on the was beyond stuck and I tried everything to loosen them from the snack machine grip of doom.

I didn't post a picture of the second photo cause
that one is my favorite but you might want to have a
laugh here...

Show Off!!!

Say Cheese!

Beluga Cam

Check out the beluga whale cam..these guys are so cute!

Times Square Face

Submit your face to be viewed by zillions of tourists
in Times Square...

submit here

Funny and Corny gifts

I wouldn't wear these but they are pretty funny

I had coffee again! RUN!

Math test:
Fried Eggplant +
Fresh Mozzarella +
Roasted Peppers +
Balsamic.. = yum!

Hey whatever happened to the good ol pencil and brush???..You know alot of design sites are starting to look static and dull. zzzzz boring! Swooshing text, pixelized fonts, the blog like format...ok I have a blog like format on this page BUT the layout is different from page to page to keep you on your toes..

Change subject:
I saw "Walk the Line". Loved it! Wish it didn't end.

Check out some fun work by Ed Breen. I am not really into the political favorite is the Catboys Litterbox. heheheh

Thursday December 8, 2005

Working on my site at
I have a few pages all ready set up but I still have a ton of
work to do...

It is suppose to snow about 8 inches tonight..eep! Get out the shovels! It always seems to rain or snow on a Friday..

Vote for Chris Christmas Rodriguez

Tuesday December 6, 2005 (at tripod)

I saw this at!

Monday December 5, 2005 (at tripod)

First snowstorm of the isn't that bad but they say tonight it should snow 6 inches..ick! Get out the shovel! I would like to thank my neighbor for not shoveling and leaving me a wonderful skating rink to my car door.

Super funny site

Penn Station traveling..lots of wheely carts and
those red American Girl doll bags..eeek!

Tuesday November 29, 2005 (at tripod)

Turkey, Pigeon, Traffic

2 slices turkey..many veggies..stomach ache.
1 glass wine..1 glass champagne..2 card tricks.

I stayed away from the mall on Friday. I did
however get caught in mall traffic. On the way
home going approx. 55 miles and hour a pigeon
decided to peck at rocks...insert honking horn
here...boom! he didn't fly!!! he bounced off the
bumper flew 5 feet in the air to the other side
of traffic..the man who was on my bumper quickly
slowed down after the pigeon
blood..i'm just hoping it maybe somehow survived..

Scooby Doo is the so called mascot for this
Macy's christmas..I don't know about you but
when I think of Scooby Doo I think Halloween
and Phyllis Diller.
Tuesday November 22, 2005

Mid Turkey Week

Well it is almost Black Friday which begins the madness at the malls and major traffic jams. I think this year I am going to try and do everything online like I did a few years ago...this is the week where it sucks to be a turkey..

current songs: i like a good mix
Sam Cooke - Mean Old World
Silikon (featuring Sasha)- Hello mom
The Roots & Cody Chestnut - Phrenology
Il Parlait Pas Francais - Hanna Hais
The Killers - All these things that I've done
Gwen Stefani - Luxurious
Elvin Bishop - Fooled around and fell in love

Friday November 18, 2005 (at tripod)

Ok I had enough caffeine for an entire week and its Friday! I'm just working in Photoshop coming up with some page layouts and color schemes...

Here is a hilarious list
Tuesday November 15, 2005 (at tripod)

Hooray for the police

I would like to thank you for giving me a ticket while a drunk man on krutches stumbled out of the wiggy bar, got in his white brokendown hyundai with no hubcaps and swerved down the road as you were writing me a ticket... thanks...i'm sure he laughed the whole way home...

Monday November 14, 2005 (at tripod)

Its monday..I wanted to call Target to see if I could pay a bill online with the so called "guest card" as they call it..I punched in my acct except for my blood type..then the customer service lady comes on and asks for my account number again after I just punched it in..??..I just wanted to know if I could pay my guestcard online..i was asked my date of birth..i asked once again..forget it. HUNG UP. You do not need my date of birth for a simple question..customer service should be called customer annoyance.

Bought the new Depeche Mode it so far!

guess what..its christmas in the malls and at CVS.

my funny site of the day:
Friday November 11, 2005 (at tripod)

Can I have one?

is it legal to own a hedgehog?
Wednesday November 9, 2005 (at tripod)


I treated myself to a tasty dinner in little italy. I had the tortellini in alfredo sauce so I should be working out like a bandito today.

After eating like a mad dog I went to Soho to attend the genart shopping spree and ended up purchasing a bracelet by designer Thea Grant. It is really cute and unique. I met Rena Tom who was very friendly and had a great collection of jewelry..met the designer of Spragwerks and Suzette of suzette sundae who was very I was a bit of a chatty kathy yesterday.

I lucked out with two taxi drivers were also outgoing in the talk department...was it a full moon??

ok back to photoshop...
Thursday November 3, 2005

Trick or Treat

When I was a kid there were certain rules to trick or treating. One rule was to have a costume. I had an entire family with a baby no costumes come to my word spoken..not even a trick or treat..just a knock on the door and 8 family members including a 6 month old in a carriage looking for candy. Sorry but no costume no candy..and besides infants cannot chew on Snickers.

It is already Christmas at the stores so I must prepare for the upcoming traffic in my area. Total chaos! So I treated my car to an oil change and it runs so much smoother.

The NYC marathon is this sunday..hoping to catch a glimpse of some runners getting in taxis..heh heh.
Friday October 28, 2005 (at tripod)

Remember the ceiling trick? When you go to a public up at the ceiling and people begin to look up also...same goes for the cellphone. Try it. Next time you are on a train, in a bathroom, standing in line...take out your cell and watch how many people do that same thing. Take some pics of them..that should scare them off.

I bet you can't wait to use the new $5 bill.

Whatever happened to the dollar coin? I remember how it exploded my wallet..and made it weigh ten pounds.
Thursday October 27, 2005 (at tripod)

I have updated and tweeked some of the HTML. As I will state I am in no way an HTML guru but I try. I updated the TRINKETS area so check that out...

Its actually pretty cold out today. Lunch consisted of some greens and a Diet Coke. I actually won a coke yesterday which was pretty lucky. That equals out to 1 free coke and 35 play again caps.

Check out if you have time..that is always entertaining and updated frequently. Oh and I like the zombie illustrations at just in time for Halloween.
Tuesday October 25, 2005 (at tripod)

So this is my first entry..I signed up for Blogger many years ago but had an unfortunate incident where my entire money situation was in the thanks to the .com bomb.

So the tv blew out Friday so BestBuy seemed to be the best place price-wise. Being without a tv for three days it seems many chores can be accomplished. I cleaned the bathroom like never eyes burning with the scent of bleach. Thanks Clorox!

Last night I was She-man and carried an 86 pound 27" television up the stairs. Don't ask me how it worked out. My arms were spaghetti noodles on the last step. I thought I was dead.

Note to self..never check the nutrition facts for Panera bread.
Is this thing on heheh