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Almost Valentine's Day! I am not sure if he is glowing or just radioactive.

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Friday, February 01, 2008


I watched this and remembered when I was a kid and took tap and ballet. My teacher was Madeline Andre, a very strict dancing teacher. She would send us home with the proper pronunciation booklets that contained the french terms for each dance step and then would use those same terms in class.

Her husband was an artist and he passed away. As a child I was given his drawing books and some supplies...I kept these as safe keeping just to remember how some people can be inspiring.

She also designed her own costumes , picked the fabric and guess who (ma) would have to sew this costume from scratch. Grams would come into this equation because she was a former seamstress and worked as an inspector checking WWII parachutes.

As a child I always enjoyed the, art, dance or just plain being creative. I think it is sad that the arts are not taken seriously enough in schools.