Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Attack of the lobster kite! ieeeeEEE!

Places I have consumed food in the past month:

Mezzo Mezzo in Astoria, NY
S. Sullivans in Hoboken
Meson Espanol in W. New York
Podewitz Deli in Jersey City

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Today is pure luck. While I happened to look at my car the other day I noticed I hit a small screw and it lodged itself into the tire. yay. (sarcastic). So this morning I ventured to my local Firestone repair shop. They took in the car pronto and said I would need a new tire and he cost with repair would be approx..345. Ok, well I decided to call the dealer itself. The tire along would be 295 without repair. EEeep! I got in my car again and whizzed over to another place..guy said he would have to order the tire..(no thanks). My last stop, a place right near my house. I went inside and the lady came out to see the size and make. She said to pull the car around so the mechanic could look at it. He took his bubbles and poured it on the he pulled out the screw and poof. The screw was short enough that it didn't puncture the tire. Lucky me.

I felt that luck was on my side and got a scratch off (which is rare), and I won and won again and again! I bought myself a Slurpee and drove back home. I was satisfied.

Now time to pay attention to my hair routine. swoooosh...

Thursday, June 12, 2008