Saturday, September 18, 2010

Today,, and were born. I should of done that ages ago, more like ten years ago, but better late then never.

Somehow I had a feeling the minute I bought a new iPOD, that an upgrade would be right around the corner. Now we just have to wait until the iPHONE comes to Verizon Wireless territory sometime in January. I was rooting for the Google Nexus but that seemed to die rather swiftly. It sure has been a long wait though..

We thought it was a good idea to finally get rid of those VHS tapes that have been taking up space. I didn't find much information online on how to go about this, so we cheated and got Elgato Video Capture and it was beyond easy and plus it has S-video. It was pretty much a no-brainer with nice quality. We bought a similar product at Radio Shack but that was for PC only and the PC we have is collecting cobwebs. I uploaded a few vids to Youtube, but you know Youtube and their slant on copyright so I try my best not to piss them off...

In show news we have the Subcon Beyond Fest 2010. If you are unfamiliar with the style of music you can click on the sample link. I haven't really taken stats of who exactly is reading my blog but it is nice to educate others and share. Isn't that what a blog was made for ? I provided links to purchase tickets and all of you should be lucky they are not supporting Ticketbastard. Hell, you should just buy a ticket just for that simple reason.


Download (a small sample click here)
Otto Von Schirach
Dead Voices on Air

9/24 -
Chicago - Double Door
9/25 - Detroit - Blondies
9/26 - Toronto - NEU+RAL
9/29 - Montreal - Cafe Campus
10/1 - Washington DC - Club 24
10/2 - Philadelphia - Polaris
10/3 - Brooklyn - Knitting Factory