Tuesday, March 20, 2007

small version wii
I took a photo of my wii..it blinked!

still kickin
Welcome to the first day of spring. It wasn't to cold this morning but the traffic as always was the pits. I signed up for Twitter yesterday. Not sure if this was a good idea. I have AOL and YAHOO instant message..usually the same friends and family are on it..so why would I need Twitter?

I read it might be a good idea for work flow..this way your clients can see how the project flow is moving along..or stopped...or maybe they just want to see when you brushed your teeth..took a nap..pet your dog..made paper airplanes..watched tv..its more of a friendly big brother but

with a warm hug to let you know he isn't reallllly watching..

This is 1 THING out of 43 I wish I never signed up for...

Nerd Alert!
Form Building with CSS and the fancy Focus Pseudo Selector...say that three times fast.
I do not use Dreamweaver..or own it..I use Adobe GoLive.. (ps. I do not work for either company so this isn't an advertisement for either program)


a w3 form-a-thon:


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