Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dedication. I was determined to get a job..no matter what it took..I would do it. It might be embarrasing now to think how young and stupid I was...but..you do what you have to do..no matter if your are bleeding from your shoes and walking the street to your interview.

Bloody Ankles
One day I was very excited to go for an interview at a recruiter in the city. I had a total of about 15 bucks to my name. I grabbed my super duty heavy portfolio, bought a train ticket and went into the city...had my suit and heels on...walked blocks and blocks..then my feet started to hurt..so I ignored the pain hoping it would go away and proceeded to walk..then it was reaLLLy hurting..kept going..a few people looked at me like I was nuts..thats NY..so I kept going..I got there..I was dying..my ankles were BLEEEDING and the pain was unbearable..I didn't have a napkin and I had just enough money to get home..I got on the elevator and the man said to me "are you OK! YOUR BLEEDING YOU OK?"..I said "yeah I am ok...not exactly" wiped the blood and it SMEARED all over my hosen..now it looked like a murder happened..i had blood on my one hand..bloody ankles..I had to go on an interview..i needed a job BAD.

I walked in..took off my long coat..there was NO bathroom..I was sitting next to some foreigners and they were staring..but I had my feet hidden with my coat..The receptionist called me and I had to GET UP (oh nooo) and get some paperwork to fill out.. I filled that out..if I remember right I think I got some blood on that too but I didn't have a napkin or a tissue..I was a total disaster..she called my name..I got up..walked and she uhhh dread..walked behind me..I am sure she saw the blood..she must of thought I was high or kind of Art druggie..I sat down..I don't remember the interview.. to worried..I remember I tried my best..I walked out bloody ankles shoes and all..walked AGAIN but this time without the shoes...
no shoes on the sidewalks of nyc. cause I only had 5 bucks..walked a few blocks...I took my last 5 bucks and hailed a cab to the train station.

I never heard from them.


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