Wednesday, January 17, 2007

We are welcoming a new MacBook Pro to the herd...but this one isn't mine :(....three cheers for USB and wireless because I remember daisychaining all of those SCSI plugs from scanner, to zip, to printer, to the computer. ugh!

When we went to purchase it I dated myself and mentioned Softwindows..the place was mobbed with people in the iPOD section..and a billion children playing games with their parents yelling behind them... I remember playing with DOS and never getting off the ground with Flight Simulator in the 80's.

what engadget has to say
what macworld has to say

What I have to look forward to in the upcoming month..eep Oh no a Pageflex upgrade!..this can be good news or bad..the only thing I would add at this point is the ability to have a larger pasteboard area because the scrolling can make you go batty.

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