Saturday, March 10, 2007

I found this article about the commute for Google workers.

At least they don't have to deal with gas stations that have a total of eight pumps and six have orange cones in front of them, with a wait of nine cars. Sounds like a bad math problem from the sixth grade... How about the lady at the toll booth who has a breakdown cause I gave her a $20 bill...then asks for my license plate number to write down in case I gave her a fake bill.

Since when is using cash a crime? Seems like everytime a customer uses cash they either get "don't you have anything smaller!" or "hrrrrmmph - then heavy breathe while counting". I say "Cash is King". Learn to accept that cashiers of the universe.

Bye Bye CompUSA. You were my first job out of high school. I will never forget the foreign people who tried to bargain with me at the cashier when I told them their total was $1078.89 and they didn't want to pay the eighty nine cents.


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