Friday, February 23, 2007

I had a WHY! Because I live this state..and

have to drive a million miles to work. That torture alone can kill
small animals. How can I explain the torture of NJ? I can't in
one sentence..this would become a full encyclopedia as to
why I can't stand it here. I never felt like this before years
ago. I grew up here..and had great friends..but as for the living
conditions today, it is just not worth it to live in this cesspool
of greedy over inflated failed egotistical scum.

On my way to my thousand hour drive to work one block away
from work a guy turning crawls at the speed of a snail to the
point where the light turns red and he is looking around
which way to go..GO!!!!!! He turns off on another road and
I am the one who gets pulled over. He claims I went through
a red light. hmm ...What about the stooge who was stopped in
mid turn..what about him?!..he is the cause of my being
halfway in the road..but being that I am the only visable
person on the road..I get stopped. A half block from my
job. My boss drives by..I am not gonna argue..and I am not
going to fight it..its not worth my time or money. Just pay it and
be done with it..go online..punch in the stupid number..give your money
your blood your first born child whatever..I am not about take
off a half day of pay a fine that will probably equal
to my insurance going up. I don't want to think about it..
I want it out of my life.


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