Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I went on an all out NIN - Janes Addiction/Wave Goodbye show extravaganza by purchasing tickets for two shows, and I am glad I did cause each one was unique. I live not too far away from NYC about 35-40 minutes, and the first show was in Camden which is a bit of a drive. Ok I will be honest, the drive seems like forever. Please Artists..if you want NY and Northern Jersey to come to your show..do NOT play in Camden. There is a reason why we live up this way. Technically Camden should be called defunkt Philly.

Anywhoooo, the staff at Camden were very friendly and helpful. I can't say the same for Holmdel which is closer to my house. Sorry Holmdel..your staff sucks in the department of being helpful. Six different employees pointing at the sky is not helping us find our seats in the darkness. Yes it was a full moon. I'll blame it on that..

Here are a few of my photos. I took about 300 photos but most of them were quick shots cause I wanted to enjoy the show instead of "work". Sometimes I think people forget how to enjoy a show cause they are so tied up with their gadgets. We want to document the great times, but I think it is getting out of hand.

*click here for some NIN/JA 2009 photos*

The shows were filled with explosive lighting and crisp sound. I shouldn't compare the shows but in terms of energy I would have to say the Holmdel show took the prize. There is a ton of footage on youtube..

Some video filmed by my friend Dee. I organized it with iMOVIE...there are tons more..just gotta get some time to put it together.


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