Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Random Tablet Sketches..sometimes its hard to navigate cause its not a piece of paper you can move around and you also can't hold the pen like you normally do..


sketch 2


I cut an abundance of Lavender in the backyard. Last year it wasn't so plentiful and this year the Queen Bees seem to really enjoy its aroma. When I went to cut some, four Queen Bees came flyin out..IIIEEEEE! heheh 8-0

Lavender bouquet

movies I watched recently:
What's Eating Gilbert Grape
13 Game - aka known as 13 Beloved
Lust for Life

music I have been listening to:
(i can't list all of it..its neverending so here is one sample)
Pet Shop Boys - Love Etc. [HD]


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