Friday, January 30, 2009

I know one day my eMAC is just going to up and die a slow computer death. It is making that scary fan noise like when I first got everything is already backed up. I was reading some of the eMAC Apple forums and it seems many people had screen issues as well, but the machine is so old the only thing it can become is a server, internet radio player, or a very large piece of Apple art. The other day the screen was wobbling to the music in the left hand corner so that worried me a bit. Many years ago I got it home and dragged its heavy plastic case up the stairs, plugged it in, and *POOF* the screen went out. [my luck] I tortured the warranty people and they came out to fix it. Thank you :) I can't complain..this machine has been great and in terms of computers, its ancient now. I wouldn't mind getting a monthra sized screen though hmmmm ...

Oh and if you have a Seagate Hard might want to read this


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