Monday, January 26, 2009

My Youtube Background Error story:

I am not really a HUGE fan of Youtube, I enjoy both Youtube and Vimeo but I really don't create alot video so....anyway I tried to upload a background image and I really should have known better. I have to applaud them for forcing the user to upload a small background image. No longer will we have to wait ten years for a page to load because "joe user" doesn't realize that size does matter.

So I took my chances, didn't want to repeat my image so I created mine to their specs and I get "Not a Proper HTML Color". Ok..No way in flaming hell did I screw that one up...So I trek over to the HELP section and click on the little box that is similar to my problem. This really doesn't tell them anything...this only says it isn't working..I can't even tell the admin WHAT exactly isn't working. So now I am on a mission..I went to the Google forum, can't sign up for that cause I am not a "current member of that specific forum"..guess I have to wait to get approved?¿

this is what I get:

Forget a background. Who cares. So I just wasted like who knows how long
trying to QUICKLY tell you....therefore, I give up, and besides..who needs a background anyway :P


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