Thursday, July 19, 2007

Been ultra busy lately...I tried my best to get Yeah Yeah Yeah tickets for NY but failed..and I blame the greedy monkeys on I'll just have to go on a "three hour tour" to another state to see them. It will be worth it.

After that pipe bomb explosion yesterday it made me think..."How many more times is this going to happen?"..Who is responsible? Could it have been prevented?

Visited Philly and Hudson NY.

Philly has changed so just doesn't look or feel the same. South Street is different..less little shops, and more commercial business. No more Zipperhead on the main street and I didn't see the used CD place or Trash and Vaudeville..Wish I took more photos when I was in school but at the time it was either Food/Shelter, Art supplies, or Film.

Hudson, NY had a great main street. Lots of gallerys and little shops. If vintage clothings, books, music etc are your taste check it out sometime. They have a great mod furniture store also..

I am in training mode for Adobe Livecycle Designer. It is really similar to the other Adobe products so its easy to figure far. heheh..

Visited the Zombie Hut and Gravy in Brooklyn. Also had 6$ Mystery Beers at the corner bar. Fun stuff...more details later...


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