Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I haven't posted in a while..been busy with work and other assorted crap.

Was looking at an apartment in Jersey City and by accident happened upon the same number house, different street, but with an open apartment..dumb luck I suppose.. but to expensive ..unless I could share it with a roommate.

Saw Pirates 3. I actually enjoyed this one the best...2 was to much action..1 was a beginners course..3 was more "art film" in some pieces so that was a bonus.

I can't get enough of the Family Guy Chicken Fight 3. way to funny..

You might...errr might not notice that my flickr account only has 200 photos..reason being that PayPal is taking the money for Flickr but PayPal has eliminated my card..why? I have no said possibly hacking in 2000...who knows..gotta solve the PayPal payment mystery. I blame Professor Plum.


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