Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Haven't been keeping up to well with this...I fell in the parking lot..haven't done that in a long time..usually that is in slow motion but this was a collapse to the ground quick and semi-painless.

Went to Seaside
and took some photos..I did charge the battery but for some reason it decided to keel over mid way down the boardwalk. Curse of the Tilt O' Whirl I say. hehehe...

I also jumped into one of those old black and white photo booths
..my luck yet again... when the photos were developed, somehow it was screwed up in the machine..I kept it anyway..Nothing Photoshop can't fix..

Also took some photos of the garden area..I caught two ants hanging out by accident..didn't notice till I put the photos on my computer.
Watched some Sid & Nancy movie on youtube. Listened to some nin, bjork, echo & the bunnymen, yyy, goon moon Hung out with friends.. Guess I have been a busy bee.. bzzzz


Anonymous SdC said...

Tx for stopping by and skanking to Blackula ;)

6:25 AM  

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