Monday, November 27, 2006

The holidays are taking over..So far the weather isn't "face numbing" just yet so the people are out and about in serious shopping mode. I was sucked into picking up a few trinkets..

women: I am a serious perfume-a-holic so I picked up Marc Jacobs Violet and you girly girls out there might want to try the new Lip Plumper from Victoria Secrets..similar to the DuWop Lip Venom but in a larger "Stila" like chrome dispenser. I wouldn't say it was plumping but more like a burning fire tingling sensation. ouch!

men: Sirius Stilleto 100 portable..great for listening to satellite radio while sitting and waiting for the ladies to get out of the clothing/makeup/purse departments..and if you are a sports nut you can set up your games in advance and see the latest score. I listened to it while shopping but it was fading in an out..probably due to the buildings surrounding me..either that or the reflection from ugly sequin bags..

pros and cons on the device.

Saw this movie..hilarious..there wasn't many people in the theatre probably because they were watching that cornball Happy Feet..check out the Tenacious D movie site..great entertainment. :) :D


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