Thursday, September 14, 2006

They were right about the Jersey Devil. It lives in the Parkway and roads of every major city of NJ. I have collected some online photos which I am currently working is a letter to garden state inferno.

Dear NJ,

I hate your road conditions, I loathe your gritty driving surface and rocks being pelted at my windshield no thanks to the half sleeping truck driver who decides to merge over while I am IN the lane.

Your traffic makes my eyes bleed. Your toll booths are filled
with last minute lane changers..your toll booths are split up from one side to the cash..on EZpass (there is nothing EZ about it..there always seems to be some moron holding up the easy pass to the windshield and stopping waiting for the pixelized "PAID" sign to flash..seems to be that every human in this state has only one finger..I blame this to the toxic fumes created by your school buses blowing clouds of smoke at every single street corner.

Nj you always manage
to have people working on major road construction at the worst time of the day..and delay the work for decades.

Wave hello to the out of state driver in the fast lane going 40 mpg in rush hour traffic! Poor guy doesn't know what he is in for...

One day maybe the business world will see the advantages of
working from home.. By then all of the work will be sent overseas for cheaper labor..actually it already took this just hasn't hit the mainstream yet..


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