Thursday, August 17, 2006

I visited the Moma on Sunday and it was a madhouse. 20 bucks. I like details so I had to stop and analyze every single piece of work ..even looked behind the canvas to see the staples..ok I am a nerd. I grabbed one of those cell phone looking gadgets but only used it once. I enjoyed Magrittes work the most... never saw Magritte's work up close..usually just in a printed format or on the net. It seems way larger in real life.

Douglas Gordon's space had a surreal film quality and sucked me in....and there was a film project upstairs which had a mini fly movie on the wall (1 x 1 inch)...being I like details this really made my!

There were films on the ceiling and you sat down and picked up a small mirror to view..there were a group of boys staring at the naked mirror..a huge huddled group just in was pretty funny. I guess after having so many life drawing classes you get numb to the nakedness.

On the way down the escalator I saw "DADA" in huge late to turn was the only thing I missed and the one thing I wanted to see. Oh time.

I ended up getting sucked into what I call the "gift ARENA". I tried to resist..I did buy a few trinkets..a black rubber duck..ghost hug salt and pepper shakers..and one postcard. I am a sucker for a well designed package.


Blogger Lingo Slinger said...

I so wanna visit the MoMA!!! Crazy inspiration in that place i'm sure. A friend of mine bought me some really funky ass calendar art thing from their gift circuit.

10:04 PM  

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