Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Is is nearly impossible to get a doctor to see you in NJ. I can't stand it. I have called almost five different places and nobody is helping...and to add to the annoyance I have to talk to a demon spawn of a receptionist who could care less if you live or die. I have a suggestion..lose the attitude..


Blogger Noreen Braman said...

Welcome to the new world of healthcare(not).And after you finally get a doctor to see you, have fun getting the doctor paid. (including mortgaging your soul to the devil if you don't have insurance.)

4:56 PM  
Blogger zincink said...

I called 5 different doctors..they said they were booked..so I drove my pins and needle right leg to the local family practice hospital..they gave me some demonized pills and told me to go for physical therapy at the gym I go to now..who knows..its still pins and needles..

9:14 PM  

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