Tuesday, January 25, 2011

sloth read

I have been reading Designing with Web Standards (third edition) and learning a few tricks. Expensive book but worth the price cause it fuels a local family and it was also a late Christmas gift. So far I have reached page 85... Majority of my reading is online but for some strange reason when it comes to computer books, I tend to enjoy these in the printed variety.

Didn't have much luck with doing design work for a friend. Also didn't realize he was selling it till I checked on a local forum. Pretty rotten if you ask me..I know if it were my friend I would of paid them or at least sent them a CD for their portfolio.

sloth read 2

So the iBook G4 battery finally kicked the bucket. Time to invest in a new one. I have alot of things to invest in it seems..including myself. I really should be reading this book..


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