Monday, January 10, 2011

sloth no connect
In about two hours it will be 1/11/11. I mentioned Verizon Wireless getting the iPHONE and we will get to finally experience this after years of waiting. It is like a hibernating bear finally reaching the honeypot. For years I watched people talk and chat about the iPhone and felt rather left out as a Mac user of old.

I have also decided to join Facebook. I know that the majority of my friends will be surprised. As much as I do not like the policies that change overnight I have to suck it up and deal with it because Myspace is about to explode. Many years ago in a .com land there was Facebook and from what I remember you had to have an invite from a friend to use their site. So I banned them in my own way by not using their services. I didn't need Facebook, Friendster, Classmates or any of that extra stuff. I just wanted my own site. However, with non-tech friends and family we have to be a sheep sometimes. baaa

sloth interview
Recently I went on a interview in the city but that didn't turn out so well, but I look at it as a bonus. It was only part time and the pay was very minimal. Also I wouldn't really be learning anything new.
Job Fair


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