Friday, December 15, 2006

story of the day...the truth..and nothing BUT the truth..should I write a book??? is this a sign telling me something??

Well I went to get some milk...This is not a made up story..WHY!!!!!!!!! WHY ME!!!!!!!!!! WHY WHY WHY!!! god this week is outta control! You know for all of the things that happen to me I deserve some good luck.

I go in to get some Milk while my Ma was waiting in the car outside..she was gonna go in but I said I would run in I'm I look at the Milk dates..12/29..sounds good..pick that up..grab a pack of peanuts lol!

I see this guy and he is looking shady... because you know how you stand and then look over your was obvious he was up to something..probably stealing chips or whatever..ignore it..whatever..who cares if he takes chips..

I go up to the register and the indian guy is really friendly, i always say hi whats up blah blah, i pay...

the older black guy comes up and goes to pay for the chips (maybe he felt guilty)..but no..he had other plans..while I am putting my change away he looks at me and my pocketbook I give him "LOOK OF DEATH" cause I know he was trying to see what is in my pocketbook..I have the grip of death upon it..

so he hurdles himself...threeeeee times..ok three!!!!..cause he can't get over the counter..I am standing right next to him watching this

and I say to the indian guy.. "your gonna get robbed"..then I just shut my mouth. looked the other way and literally watch the guy get robbed while standing right next to the robber..I think he got a pack of 1's which is really pathetic..then he RAN on foot..he was so slow it was comical...cops never came cause the indians didn't call to report it is times like that, that I wish I had a movie camera..

I came home and pulled out a pencil and paper and drew the guy.

three cheers for my first robbery.


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