Thursday, January 10, 2008



Anonymous wu said...


I like your teensy peeple drawings..I make some too. I haven't figured how to ge them on my bogged blog...I can't get my password to work..I am kinda handycappy in the areas of computer things...I like to make things that are like cowboy shapes only not very good.ha ha. that was sooo the way i saw your life drwgs too and they a quite splendid! thanks and keep doing things without porpoises.

when i put my name wu in and then put in my so called password it doesn't not get it..ah well.



11:39 PM  
Blogger zincink said...

thanks wu for the comment i don't get them to often. actually they are little sloth drawings..if you like send a request and i'll try and come up with something. :)

ps. the porpoises are your sea friends heheh they are equipt with sonar, fancy little buggers.

10:17 AM  

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